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Sanju Abraham

Juniper Networks
Principal Software Engineer
Sanju is a principal software engineer at Juniper Networks working on
Opencontrail. He works with customers and prospects on developing and
optimizing solutions for virtual network implementations for private and public
clouds. Prior to Juniper Networks, Sanju worked at Cisco Systems as senior
software engineer and was part of the team that developed secure
connectivity software using xmpp jingle signaling for IPSec, used by Cisco
Service's Smart Net Total Care and Smart Care Next Gen product lines. He
and his team patented the idea and implementation on virtual network
interfaces and a websocket based transport mechanism to realize secure
node­to­site and site­to­site virtual private network solutions.
His background prior to cloud technologies was mainly in network
management systems and software for telecom / datacom and wireless
products at Cisco Systems (MGX switch) and Veraz Networks (VOIP
distributed soft switch).